Last updated on June 13th, 2024 at 06:40 pm

How to be Physically Healthy in Today's Hectic Life​

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    We live in an era where our lives are so hectic that we barely can focus on our physical well-being. We are always busy, or sometimes we just feel busy rather than actually being busy. But neglecting our health takes us nowhere; we need to focus on our physical well-being. Some people want to change their health condition by improving their lifestyle, but they are delusional with the thought that they need a massive change in their lifestyle to be healthy. However, it is not the case. I was also in that category, though I was not busy, but I was busy in my mind. So, I started to get serious about my health and implementing small changes that have a massive impact. So let’s dive into it!

    What is Physical Health

    According to the Defense Health Hub, Physical health can be defined as the normal functioning of the body. Representing one dimension of total well-being, it’s about how your body grows, feels and moves, how you care for it, and what you put into it.

    Our day will be in three sections:


    1.The Morning Section

    To get physically sound, you have to understand that the morning is the key to it. You have to fix your morning no matter what, because the morning sets your whole day on track or, I can say, your whole life on a healthy track.


    Water splashes on your eyes

    After waking up, you have to splash water on your eyes.


    Get Sunlight

    Get outside and have sun exposure. Remember, the sun exposure has to be on your whole body.


    Take a cold shower

    A cold shower will kick-start your whole body.


    Avoid Breakfast

    I know what I am saying. Just keep in mind that eating less or even not eating is way healthier than eating healthy or organic food.


    Have a glass of lemon water

    Avoid caffeine or any stimulant and go for a glass of lemon water.


    2.The Mid Section

    In the midsection, we will only focus on our meal. It’s our only meal of the day, so it has to be healthy, organic, and well-balanced. I will not tell you what to eat or what not to eat, but I will tell you the system in which you will eat.


    Eat your meal with half full and half empty

     What I mean by that is when you eat, you have to keep your stomach half full with food and half empty. One thing you should know is that you have to figure out how much food fills up your stomach and then adjust with the food by testing on yourself.


    Fill your half-empty stomach with water and air

    Your half-empty stomach will be divided into another two halves, and you will fill one half with water and the other half with air (means nothing).


    This eating process will make your digestion smooth, and you will easily digest food, even if you have some unhealthy food. The thing is simple: no matter what you eat, you have to digest the food. The goal of this process is to make your digestive system more powerful.


    3.The Night Section

    The night section’s main purpose is to make us ready for deep sleep, so that you can start your next day like this and be consistent and make a proper life cycle.


    The night meal

    At night, you will take your second meal; the process has to be the same.

    Reduce screen time, especially at night: Naturally, nights are for sleeping, so you will do the thing by reducing screen time and exposure to blue lights.


    Reading books

    A great way to calm your mind and prepare your brain for sleep is by reading books.



    This is the system I used to get physically healthy. This system is not that complex, but if done on a regular basis, it will change your life for good.