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What I Learned From Being A Cat Owner | Adopt A Pet Quickly To Have A More Entertaining Life

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    Pets are amazing, aren’t they! You can see a significant difference in your life after you adopt a pet, whether it is a dog, a cat, a bird, or even a cow. They are so fun to have. For me, cats are always the king. You will see lots of pet videos online, but cats dominate the stage handsomely. Cats are the king of the internet. I bet you have seen at least one funny video or even those memes of cats on the internet. They are so hard to ignore. But today, I will tell you how this amazing feline can teach you a lot and make you a better human being.


    A Cat in My Story

    It all started in 2021 when I suddenly started to watch a lot of cat videos on social media, especially through this “The Dodo”. Prior to that, I wasn’t even a cat person. I didn’t like them, but for no reason, I started to have a soft feeling towards them. And out of nowhere, a pregnant cat came to our house in search of food. I don’t know why, but for some reason, I used to give her food, and one day she gave birth to four kittens in our home. After a while, the mother cat took the four kittens somewhere else. The mother cat came to eat food every day but couldn’t bring her kittens. One day, maybe 1 or 2 months later, she came with one kitten. I wasn’t sure what happened to her other three kittens because I never saw them after that. So I started to take care of the mother cat and her kitten. Then there came another twist: the mother cat disappeared, and since then, I never saw her again. I decided to adopt her kitten as my pet. From there on, I had that cat for two and a half years. While having that cat, I learned happiness, responsibility, and pain in a different way.



    The positivity cats bring into your life is unmatchable. I remember when I started, everything looked so good. The cat would always make me happy and improve my mood. Usually, when a cat is in his early age, he is very playful. At that time, I loved to play with him (my cat was a male cat). He was always doing some funky stuff. But as he grew older, he became a lot calmer. I suppose it happens with most cats. To be honest, I loved the kitten version of my cat a lot.

    When my cat grew up, things might get boring, but it was a lot more peaceful at that time. Just looking at him made me so happy. I loved to pet him. The purring sound always made me so relaxed. Giving him food, giving him a bath, and taking care of him all gave me a sense of joy and pleasure. I don’t know what actually used to make me happy, but having him in my life was the real joy.


    One thing that really pissed me off was the unwanted excretion and urination of my cat. Before litter training him, it was a mess. He used to urinate or excrete anywhere. He even used to do that stuff in the middle of the bed—boy, that was so horrific.

    Like parenting, having a pet is also challenging. There is a lot of responsibility that comes to your shoulders. A cat is like your baby. You have to be careful while nurturing it. So it is necessary for you to learn and understand cat behavior, cat food habits, cats’ needs, and many other things you need to know. All of these things are responsibilities. At first, all these responsibilities would seem a bit tough, but this is the beauty of responsibilities.

    Now hold on a second and think: if you don’t have responsibilities, would your life be more satisfying or not? The answer most of us will give is, “I don’t want any responsibility. I want to be free.” Maybe this kind of thinking is okay in the short term, but in the bigger picture, responsibility is the driving force of your life. It gives you the motivation to keep moving forward.

    Although a cat brings a lot of responsibilities, responsibilities are the secret sauce of life. So cheer up and enjoy your duties and responsibilities because there lies the true satisfaction.



    Ah… here is the hardest part of being a pet owner. After all the troubles you bear and all the happy moments you had with your cat, it just ends with pain. It was December 29, 2023; my cat came to my room at night and slept on my bed. Everything seemed to be okay, but in the middle of the night, I suddenly heard a loud noise and woke up. I saw my cat fall from the bed, and what shocked me was that he became paralyzed from that fall. So in the morning, I took him to the vet, and they told me that he would not survive. I returned home, and all day he just laid down without even moving an inch. He was just breathing. So in the evening of that day, the inevitable happened. My cat died!

    After all that happiness and struggles for 2.5 years, the pain of loss overwhelmed me. That day he didn’t even move an inch, but at the time of his demise, he was shaking his leg and kind of took a long breath and just died. Maybe I am saying it too simply, but trust me, that moment wrenched my heart. The pain I felt at that moment was unbearable.

    Maybe I knew this was coming, because I read online that when a cat’s time of death is near, they usually separate themselves from their owner. They live in isolation. I remember when he was healthy, I just called him and he would immediately come to me running. But before his death, for almost 1 month whenever I called him, he would just look at me and sit there.

    I guess this is how life goes. It brings joy, happiness, pain, and sadness. It took me one month to overcome that; nevertheless, after that, I was normal, and to be honest, I rarely remember him now.


    One interesting part I would like to share is that I hadn’t set any name for my cat. I used to call him “Meow.” I tried my best to come up with a unique name, but all I could come up with was “Meow.” Whatever happened during that time made me a better human being, no doubt about it. I think, it was a journey that was worth experiencing.