IS IT Okay to “Being Someone’s Bitch” | A Thought Process of Mental Peace

For me, freedom is traveling the world without worrying about money; for you, freedom may be buying luxurious things without worrying about money; for someone else, freedom may be different than ours. So, freedom is a relative concept. The concept of freedom varies from person to person. In the end, everybody wants to achieve freedom. But do we really have that freedom?


Most people go to school, then go to college, after that, they get a job, then dedicate most of their lives to that job, and in the end, die. They almost spend their lives being someone’s or the system’s bitch. They do what others want them to do. When they want to do something, they get stuck in this thought of what that “Someone” will think, what that “The System” will think, what that “Society” will think. They hesitate to make decisions based on their needs; rather, they make decisions based on others’ choices.

Now, I will ask you two questions:


  1. Do you want this life?                       
  2. Or do you want a life where you can make decisions based on what you need?

These two questions are philosophical, so you will not find answers anywhere else but in yourself. If your answer is “yes,” and you are happy with that life, then thumbs up to you. But if your answer is “No,” and you want a life where you can make decisions based on your needs, then double big thumbs up to you because it takes courage to do that. Yes, it will be hard, and you will face a lot of criticism, but in the end, it will be worth it. People will talk about you for a while; after that, all will be busy with something else; that’s human life. Remember one thing, the upside of this thought process is very high. Initially, you will feel exhausted with this as there will be a lot of societal pressure; eventually, this will give you much more mental sanity.


So start now and think about what you want in life and how you want to lead your life. Remember, this life is 100% your responsibility, so be rational and logical in order to lead a life that will give you mental freedom.