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The Art of Mindful Eating and the Impact of Mindful Eating on Our Mind

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    We all love to eat, don’t we! Food holds a special place in everyone’s heart. When we eat our favorite food, it gives us a sense of pleasure and happiness. Most of us think food is a thing of pleasure, and some see food as a key to their physical well-being. But we tend to miss out on the impact of food on our mind. Food massively impacts our mind and brain. I always tell everyone to eat less because no matter what food we eat, even the healthy foods, is somehow less pure and less authentic in this era of time where every food is heavily processed due to commercialization. If we are sloppy with our eating, then it will be disastrous for our health in the long run. So, it is important to understand the art of mindful eating.

    What is mindful eating? In simple words, mindful eating means being mindful or putting your full attention on the food and how you eat the food.


    The process of mindful eating

    • Eat in silence.
    • Avoid devices like TV and mobile phones while eating.
    • Don’t eat standing.
    • Eat sitting on the floor (as it will help you digest the food more than sitting at a dining table).
    • Eat with your hand.
    • Properly chew the food.
    • Don’t rush; just eat the food slowly and concentrate only on the food.

    Follow this process, and you will feel you have made an achievement, as we are so impulsive in our day-to-day life. It will not only make your mind calm and peaceful, but it will have a massive positive impact on physical well-being as the food will be digested so easily.


    Benefits of mindful eating

    • Help you lose weight.
    • Improve focus by reducing hunger and cravings.
    • Help with your digestion.
    • Better absorption of nutrition.
    • More importantly, meal satisfaction.

    These are some health benefits that you get from mindful eating. There are more, but here we are not talking about the health benefits of mindful eating, but the positive impact that mindful eating can have on our mind if we do this.

    Impact of mindful eating on our mind

    An animal eats, an insect eats, also a human being eats, what is the difference between them? They all just eat. Is there any? Yes, there is! We humans have the ability to eat food consciously while other living beings eat food unconsciously. When you see an animal eat, they just devour their food; they don’t follow any regulations. As a result, they don’t have any morality and discipline. But we humans follow certain rules and regulations to maintain our morality and discipline. Thus, it gives us the status of higher living beings in nature. When we maintain mindful eating, we show our gratitude for the food. We become more humble and polite.

    All these positive qualities ensure that our mind is always calm. It results in more mental peace and sanity.


    Mindful eating is a great way to take care of our mental health. It is a key aspect of our overall mindfulness, as we all humans need food to survive. So lastly, I can say mindful eating is not a simple thing to crack, but it takes a lot of effort and patience.