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These 7 Rules Changed My Life | Start Doing These Things “Today” to Make Your Life Beautiful

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    “Millionaires and Billionaires” – we love to hear those words. It is social validation that we all now want. It is not like those cheesy blog posts where I will tell you to take cold showers and wear simple clothes like Mark Zuckerberg. Do you really think Mark Zuckerberg is successful because he wears a simple T-shirt? Or Steve Jobs is successful because he wears the same T-shirt every day? No, before they were successful, they had no routine for themselves, but they worked day and night to make their ventures successful. So, it is one of those blogs where I will give 7 practical rules that will help you start thinking in a unique way in life.



    “Respect” is the NO.1 on my list, probably the most important one. We humans usually are very arrogant; we have a fake impression about ourselves. Everyone wants money and fame, but we don’t respect the people who have money and fame. For example, everybody wants to become like Elon Musk, but most of us are arrogant AF. We brag that we can do better than Elon when we will be in his place. This is straight up disrespect. We want to become like him, but we don’t show respect for what he has done. So it is important to be humble and show respect to those who deserve it.

    Winging Causes More Wins

    If you build a habit of winning, you’ll start to have more wins. It is important to have a win every day, every week, every month. As a result, we will have a habit of winning. The philosophy of a goal actually comes from this. When we achieve something, we get a dopamine shot, and we feel happier. This extra shot of happiness keeps us motivated to work more and to get more wins. So don’t neglect any small wins; these small wins have a great impact on our overall mindset.


    Value Your “Yes”

    The “Yes” you say is very valuable. When you say yes to something, you automatically say no to a lot of things. Suppose you say yes to a meeting because of that, yes you have to give a lot of time to that meeting, and for that reason, you say no to a lot of things that can be important for you. It can also take your future time as well as it can cost you money. So it is crucial for you to understand the importance of your work and say Yes and No according to the importance. One of the productive hacks is you should lessen your yes to everyone.


    High Value Skill 

    Robert Greene in “Mastery” and Peter Thill in “Zero to Hero” said it is very important to achieve a high value skill. If you want to earn a lot of money, then you have to solve those big problems that are in our society. To solve those big juicy problems, you have to have high-value skills. Nowadays, there is a little less value of mediocre people who are not that good or just mid-level good. In the future, their demand will only decrease as there is AI and Automation to easily replace them. So try your best to acquire a high-value skill and get to the top of the ladder.


    Never Get Too Comfortable if You Don’t Want to Decline 

    You should always think about growth. There will never be a time in your life where you’re just surviving; whether you’re growing or falling behind. The only way to win in life is to try consistently to grow by competing with yourself. In the era of modernization, new things are coming up all the time, so if you don’t upgrade yourself with new things, then you will fall behind. Also, due to inflation, if you cannot settle with a fixed amount, you have to try to keep your income growing as much as possible. There is a quote of Phil Knight in his famous book “Shoe Dog”.

    Working Hard and Working Smart Both are Important

    There is a debate among people about working hard and working smart. Which one is better? In reality, both are extremely important; one is not a substitute for the other one. People who do both consistently are actually more successful. If you only do hard work or only do smart work, it will not take you too far. Rather, you have to do them both simultaneously to maximize your success.


    Don’t Take Advice from Exceptional Stories 

    We get so excited when we hear an exceptional story! Getting inspired by exceptional stories is a horrible idea because in those exceptional stories, luck plays a vital role. So when you are inspired by those, chances are very low that you’ll be as lucky as them. Rather, it has more chances of your failure. For example, you want to climb Mount Everest, so you’re researching those who have done it. While researching, you found out one case where someone climbed Mount Everest with a broken hand (By the way, it is not a true story). You need to understand that success largely depends on luck. So it is wise not to take advice from exceptional stories as you don’t know that you’ll be as lucky as them.


    These are the 7 rules I think if you implement in your life, they will change the outlook of your life. So try to embrace these rules in your life, and you will unlock a new approach in life.