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The Beauty of Marriage: A Guide for Human Responsibility, Stability, Mental Peace

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    Disclaimer: I am not married yet, but soon I hope to get married. Although I am not married, I highly suggest people get married. In this day and age, where people see marriage as a burden, I see it as a blessing. Marriage is always a blessing, but for some reasons now, we opt for casual relationships. Where these casual relationships are driven by pure desire and lust. On the grand scheme, those casual relationships don’t have any real value. So here is my realization where I will try to give you a perspective about why marriage is a blessing from God and help you see through the real beauty of marriage.


    The Curse of Hookup Culture or Casual Relationship

    When we talk about hookup culture or casual relationships, it all comes down to lust and pleasure. We want that feeling of love and the pleasure of intercourse. But the relationship between men and women is not only about love and lust; rather, it is more than just love and lust.

    You may ask, “What is the problem with satisfying my desire?” When you’re driven by your desire, you are just getting a dose of dopamine and oxytocin. At first, it will give you satisfaction, but as days pass, you need a large amount of doses to feel that same pleasure; eventually, this leads you to dissatisfaction and discontent in the long run.

    You may also ask, “How can I find my perfect life partner if I don’t check the compatibility through a relationship?” One straight-up answer will be you can’t; no matter how hard you try, you will not find a perfect life partner as we all are imperfect. So here the beauty of marriage comes: you have to accept that the other person isn’t the perfect one, rather you make a commitment to the other person to be with them and help them to overcome their flaws, and they help you to overcome yours flaws as well. On the other hand, this casual relationship culture keeps giving you options and tells you that you have more options, but it is not about having more options but having the right life.


    Why Should We Get Married

    Marriage is not always about happiness and love. But it can also be about reducing pain and the fear of certain danger. What is the danger? The danger is: I will not have children! My social validation! My identity! I will not have a legacy! I will not have a family bond! I will not have anyone beside me in my old age! To counter all these, we get married. We get married to get over our insecurities and to have that feeling of safety and peace.

    When you are married and have some children, you have the answers to the “What if” questions that will scare the hell out of you: What if I have cancer! Who will take care of me when I fall sick! What would happen if I had an accident!

    Marriage is not always about a love story of Jack and Rose or Romeo and Juliet. Or sexual fantasies like most of the Hollywood movies. But in reality, marriage is about responsibility, stability, mental peace, support, and lastly pleasure and love.

    Marriage: A Big Step to Stability

    When you are not married, you are like a ship without a rudder. You don’t have a sense where you will take your life. Without marriage, you think you don’t have any responsibilities, so it makes you more careless. But when you’re married, you know you have some responsibilities that you need to fulfill. This fulfillment of responsibility gives you a purpose in life. Having a purpose in life is so important; it will have a driving force that will push you to keep moving forward.

    You know sometimes life gets too hard to handle. All those problems you face make you tired and exhausted. When you are a bachelor, you don’t have anyone to comfort you, but being married, you know you have your partner and children who are your supporters. When you return home exhausted, you see the faces of your partner and children will instantly reduce your exhaustion and improve your mood.

    Overall, marriage is an integral element of our life. It gives your life a direction, a purpose, and most importantly, it brings stability that makes you satisfied with your life.


    Although I highly suggest people get married, it is also true that at some point in time your married life will get boring. It will have its own challenges, but trusting your partner and solving problems together will only strengthen the relationship. Also, having children is a challenge itself. So do get married even if in the short term it looks tough and challenging, but in the long run, you will be more satisfied and content with your life.