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The "SECRET" Rules of Money

From our childhood, two very bad things have been done to us. The first thing that is done to us is we are taught that money is the root of evil. And the other thing is that our parents or schools never talk to us about money openly. As a consequence, we have this doctrine that money is actually bad for us. When the topic of money is raised, our parents used to hide the topic or avoid discussing it in front of us as if it were a “taboo“. However, the truth is completely different.

Another unfortunate thing that has happened to us is that if we gain money, it will ruin our character and turn us evil.

I’d like to share with you the realization about money that totally changed my philosophy about life. So I will try my best to make even a small change in your outlook on life.

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    First thing 

    The first and the most important thing that is injected into our brain is, Is money happiness? Does money bring happiness? The debate of money and happiness is totally pointless. You usually observe that this comparison is only done by two kinds of people. The first one is those people who are unsuccessful in life and haven’t done anything meaningful in life. So they try to find peace in the fact that if I can’t reach this goal, it’s not worth pursuing. But this is not correct!

    If you boil down the thing and start to think simply, you will see that money does bring happiness, but not directly. Money will give you happiness by allowing you to be able to do what you want to do. Let me explain: suppose you love gardening, your happiness lies in gardening. You will be able to do gardening all day if only you have financial freedom. When you have financial freedom, that financial freedom will give back your precious time. Then with that free time, you can do what you love. So money does not directly bring happiness. This is a big concept error that most people don’t understand.

    Think you love to travel; in that case, you will do something with your money that will save your time, and with that time, you can travel. So again, money will not directly bring happiness. Just look at the billionaires; they all are happy. They are happy not because they have money in the bank but because they can do what they love by using money to save their time.

    Yes, long story short, money does bring happiness!


    Second thing 

    One thing that most people don’t understand is the value of money is on spending it. The purpose of money is crucial to understand. Money isn’t a thing to accumulate but a thing to exchange. It is not like that you will not save money; you will save money and invest money.

    Primarily, money was invented to exchange so that you can bring what you need. If you are someone who only earns money to save, then you are not leading your life properly. Your main goal with money is to convert it into happiness.

    But you have to be reasonable like you have 100 bucks in your bank; you cannot plan for 200 bucks; rather you have to plan for 50 or 60 bucks. Life is very unpredictable; it is not wise to save all your earnings and die keeping all that money in the bank.


    Third thing

    How you make money is very important in the long run. Now we live in an era where everything is documented. As a result, everyone knows everything, and all of the things are properly documented. 30-40 years later, you don’t want to face that scenery where you can’t tell people how you earned your money. There are a lot of people in our society who can’t tell people how they earned money because they didn’t earn their money in the right way. So you don’t want to earn money by unethical means.

    Why should we earn money in wrong means where there are tons of opportunities to make money and new opportunities keep coming? Initially, you will have a lot of trouble, but it is eventually worth it. I personally think I don’t want a life that can be made into a Netflix documentary. I like to say “Netflix documentary lifestyle”. So getting rich is important, but how you are earning your money is more important.


    Fourth thing 

    One of the most important lessons about money is having a higher ceiling. If your sky is small, then you may not be able to go higher. When you are earning $50,000 , $60,000 or $70,000 you start getting comfortable with that amount and stop pushing yourself from getting higher. But pushing yourself to a higher ceiling is important because when you earn more money, you contribute more to society. As you spend money to buy food, someone from whom you are purchasing can earn for their family. You become more valuable to society and the economy.

    Fifth thing

    As long as your age is not 40, it is wise to spend money on self-improvement because it is mathematically possible to prove that if you spend money on yourself, you will get a very good return. One of the best ways of self-improvement is investing in books after books; online courses are also a good investment. But after 40, I think it is not a good idea to invest in yourself because after 40, it gets difficult to understand and learn new things. So, if you invest in yourself before 40, you may get 100%, 150%, and even 1000% return.



    So this is my realization about money. Many of the things I’m saying will seem like nonsense to you, or you may think you already knew most of them. But when you start to understand this properly and start to implement it properly, you will see that your connection with society through money will completely change, and you will see an upward growth in your life.