Last updated on June 15th, 2024 at 07:59 am

Why Am I So Busy?

Why am I so busy? I look around and I see everything moving so fast, there is barely time to calm down because of that pace my head is always spinning. I always feel like I am  bombarded with thoughts, I am  constantly engaged with unnecessary thoughts. I don’t understand where all these unnecessary thoughts come to my mind, is it from the negativity of the society or from the people I hang out with? 

But in reality it is my mind that accumulates all this negativity and keeps me drained all day.

So I started to look for a solution and this is what I found…..

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    How our mind works (A simple look into it)

    I will start with an example: When you have a job interview or examination, you tend to give all focus on the fact that it’s like your world is all about getting the job and doing well in the examination. This how our mind works no matter how big the world is, we tend to perceive the world with our little thoughts. We think our thoughts are as big as the world, but in reality it is not!


    People who love to be busy

    Why I used this phrase is because by using that I mean those who love to be busy are actually productive people. These are the people who enjoy their busy schedule. Productive people have their priorities, they set stubborn priorities.SO they will finish what task they have in order to optimize their everyday work.

    Productive people have 2-3 tasks in their to-do list. Thus they handle the most critical task first and less critical tasks after that one by one. They avoid multitasking in order to be organized.

    They keep their emotions in check by avoiding emotional decisions and prioritizing more logical and rational decisions. They make themself less available by saying “No” to unnecessary or less important things. 

    People who don’t love to be busy

    You would have already guessed that from this phrase I mean those people who are non-productive. Being busy doesn’t necessarily mean you are productive. 

    These people don’t have priority listing. They have random goals. They have 10-15 tasks in their to-do list so they try to multitask everything. But trying to reach multiple goals at a time is actually slower to produce results.

    These people let their emotions take control of them. They casually say “Yes” to random things and put their work for later thus resulting in delay of work. This eventually hampers their work.


    So why I made a comparison between Productive people and Non-Productive people, I made this so that by understanding “How the mind works” and “The difference between Productive People and Non-Productive People” you can see yourself in what shoe you are in. Because in this comparison there is the problem and also the solution for it. In the end, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a busy person or a productive person, only matters what you want to achieve in life so that you can construct your life accordingly your aim.