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Why Gut Health is Important | 5 Amazing Foods to Improve Gut Health

You woke up in the morning and you are ready to take on the day by achieving the goals you have set last night, but alas, your stomach feels heavy and you’re already tired before the day even started. You’re waiting for that nature call for the bathroom, but the pressure isn’t coming, thus setting your day off track. You become less productive and feel gloomy throughout the day. We all heard that “70% of our immune lies in our gut,” and it is so true; if you have a healthy gut, then you will see that you rarely have any disease. You will stay disease-free throughout the whole year. Our gut is strongly connected with our brain; when you clear your bowels, you instantly become more sharp and cognitive functionality becomes so good.

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    Importance of Gut Health

    About the importance of gut health, Kelsey-Seybold Clinic says, “When we think of our gut, most associate it only with digestion. It is responsible for breaking down the food we eat to extract vital nutrients and energy while discarding waste. The gut’s role in our overall health and well-being extends far beyond digestion, though. The gut is home to a staggering number of microorganisms, more than 100 trillion, collectively called the gut microbiome. The large majority of these microorganisms are bacteria. Some of these microorganisms are associated with disease, while others impact metabolism and weight, the immune system, cardiovascular health, and many other aspects of our well-being. Unique to each individual, the gut microbiome plays such an active role throughout your entire body that some healthcare providers and scientists consider it a separate organ.”



    Curd is not only a good source of vitamin B12 and calcium but also a natural probiotic. Probiotics are foods that have live good bacteria in them. To get the most probiotic from the curd, add jaggery powder to it and have it 30 mins before your first meal. This humble food will beat most probiotic supplements in the market. The only thing with curd that you should avoid at night. Also, don’t go with the commercial packaged curd as they are low in probiotics.


    The secret behind keeping good bacteria alive is dietary fiber. Basically, your gut bacteria say, “You give me fiber, and I will give you health.” Remember, all plant foods have fiber whereas animal food is devoid of fiber. Whole grains are high in fiber, but what sets oats apart from other grains is that it has a special soluble fiber called BETA GLUCAN. It is because of this special fiber oats are now considered a superfood for reducing body fat, cholesterol, and type 2 diabetes and improving gut health.


    If there is one herb best for the overall digestive tract, it is ginger. Be it stomach pain, gas, acidity, constipation, IBS, or as serious as colon cancer, ginger has been proven to be effective. Anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, anti-cancerous, and a prebiotic with high antioxidants, ginger is a complete package if you want to set your gut on the right track. Ginger increases the speed of how food is digested.


    Grapes have a lot of health benefits, but they have a natural ability to bring the lying waste out from the body. Just eat a bowl of grapes, and the next day you will see your stomach gets cleared better. 81% water, rich in fiber, polyphenols, and antioxidants when you eat grapes, it naturally reduces inflammation in your body. It is a natural “Fire Brigade” in your body. If the grapes are not in season, then use raisins as they are the dried version of grapes.

    Fennel Seeds

    If you haven’t seen this thing before, then you should add this to your diet. Fennel seed boiled in water kills bad bacteria in the body but is also very tasty. Anti-parasitic, anti-inflammatory, high in fiber, and cooling, you must keep this handy with yourself. Fennel seed after meals increases the digestive heat in the body; as a result, the food gets properly digested.


    The gut is an integral part of the human body. Our physical and mental well-being depends largely on our gut. Most people are likely to ignore their gut health, but it is a vital part that cannot be ignored. So, it is important to take care of our gut health to optimize our body performance and overall well-being.